Categories: Ministry, Shamanism

Dragos C. Dobrescu


I started today by celebrating my self, the father in me, the father that I want to be; the father I am working to become. I can not celebrate other people if I do not celebrate myself first. I then called my father to celebrate him. I have had the best conversation to date with him.

I participated recently in a shamanic healing circle and the theme was father’s day. We went in circle, one by one, sharing something about our father. Some had wonderful stories and you could see from the flow of their speech and their energy that they had a great experience with their fathers. Most had much different stories, ranging from not knowing who their father was to having had a bad experience with their father. It was an important reminder about how most of us carry these hurts and the stories that we create around them with us into adulthood. What is your story; the story that you created for yourself? How is it affecting your life today? How would your life be different, better, without that hurt; without the story?

I too struggled to tell a story about my father. And as my time was approaching, fast, to tell it I found a moment of grace. Compassion filled my heart and my story dissolved. I suddenly saw that man, my father, as the best version of himself, the best he could be (as flawed as we all are) and my story changed, and I shared it with the circle.

Celebrate today like there is no tomorrow, no later. Now is all you have. Do you want better? Now is the moment to celebrate what you do have and better will come.