Wellness Coaching

Whatever your goals and challenges are (e.g., weight-loss, energy increase, stress management, better eating, stronger body, health challenges management), we can take it step by step, at your pace, to your desired destination. I will gently guide you deeper and deeper until we reach the roots of your inner self and unearth the reasons for your disharmony.

Do you have something physical that is bothering you and no one knows why? Why are you not getting what you want? Do you even know what you want?

The mind may forget negative past experiences to preserve itself and so we may be able to function into our daily lives/routine … but the body never forgets. You may have heard of muscle memory; there is indeed cellular memory that holds onto even what no longer serves us. Because of this, we may experience lots of “symptoms” that are even sometimes confusing to traditional medical professionals. Yet, by going deeper to our source, we can release those memories and the body will do what it needs to: go back to balance, true homeostasis. This is true healing.