Integrative Holistic Services

Lifestyle Bio-resonance Scan Services

Bio-resonance scan is a 25+ year old innovative, non-invasive technology. In about two hours for a whole body scan, you will get a 50+ page organized results report of the stress levels of your body’s organs and functional systems, including microbials, heavy metals, foods, and supplements. The benefits are clear, as it cuts the guessing game and prejudgments of what might be going on inside of you. We can clearly see what your body says and have a better protocol for a faster outcome.

Holistic and Integrative Nutritional and Herbal Consultations

Starting with a longer session and taking history, test results, pulse and more (including the above bio-resonance scan, if desired), I convert it all into a holistic protocol that includes several sections, such as nutrition, supplements, herbs, exercise and mind/lifestyle. (Session packages available, if needed.)

ArōmaTouch® Healing Technique

Combining medicinal oils, reflexology and energy healing, this technique goes to the spine of our being where it balances, enhances immunity and reduces inflammation throughout the whole being. This is the brochure.